【Only $19.99!!】Car air conditioning vents diamond swan perfume holder




Product description

  • Gorgeous Design: suitable for all cars, crystal bling diamond clip accessories for car air vent. Unique style & exquisite outlook bling decoration with full diamond gives you and your car a unique fashionable & stylish feeling.
  • Air freshener: the car essential oil diffuser can easily remove all kinds of odors that make your car more refreshing, you can use your favorite essential oil for aromatherapy; stress relief; wellness; good mood.
  • High quality: made of premium materials of high-quality zinc alloy and bling rhinestone are used for this jewelry for cars, The clip is covered with a soft sheath to protect your car vent.
  • Easy to use: use the aromatherapy car diffuser clip, easily clip on/off the car vent flake. The bottle cap with a dropper can easily dip the essential oil in, and you can use your own favorite scents oil.

How to Use:

  1. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil/perfume to the pad and put it in the locket.
  1. Slide the clip into the diffuser locket and make sure it is the right direction.
  2. Insert the locket diffuser to your car air vent, it will slowly release the fresh healthy scent.
  3.  If you want to change different scents, just replace the used pad by other refill pads that come along.

Package includes:

  • A set of swan air fresheners
  • Note: not included essential oil bottles.